How evo-spirituality can lead to spiritual narcissism and other ethical flaws.
Tom Morgan talks to us about his spiritual emergency, how ketamine helped him recover, and what western culture needs for ecstatic integration
How To Let Go #2: Tom Morgan on his spiritual emergency and how ketamine therapy saved him Listen now (78 min) | Plus what western societies need to develop to help people integrate wild awakening experiences
Responsible psychedelic organisations should not seek funding from people during or in the days after a psychedelic experience.
How To Let Go episode 1: Allison Hoots of the Sacred Plant AllianceListen now (50 min) | Did you know there are over 200 psychedelic churches in the US? Lawyer Allison Hoots, who represents many of them, tells us how…
What are the lessons for the psychedelic ecosystem from the collapse of Synthesis Institute?
A private space for us to converse and connect on psychedelic and ecstatic ethics, integration and harm reduction
Another online influencer is arrested for human trafficking, and for ayahuasca-fuelled 'shamanic charlatanism'

February 2023

We know that ketamine can sometimes be psychologically addictive. How about other drugs, like LSD, psilocybin or MDMA?
An interview with the annoyingly good-looking author of Stealing Fire and Recapture the Rapture on how 'Alpha burners' took over the world.
As many as four percent of people who try psychedelics may be disturbed by continued visual distortions after a trip. We need to learn how to help…
Sometimes the spiritual insights people receive on psychedelics are negative and harmful. How can they and their therapists work with that?